About Us

Founded by Sarah H. Mina, she wanted to bring Brazil’s unique and chic all natural jewelry to America. At the start of SaHaRustic launch, Sarah unfortunately passed. In honor of her memory, her family wanted to continue her passion project. Now run by her aunt and cousin, mother and daughter team Sandra and Giovanna Mina, our goal is to make Sarah’s legacy golden.

In loving memory.

May 20th 1987 - February 8th, 2021


About the product

SAHARustic works with handmade jewelry made from so-called "golden grass", a grass-like species of Eriocaulaceae which only exists in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins in Brazil. Capim Dourado is 100% natural Brazilian gold. The Latin name of the plant is "syngonanthus nitens", similar to wheat. 

It grows only in Tocantins, Brazil. Located around the heart of the country. It has a bright, shiny, golden color and is strong and durable enough to serve the material for beautiful original handcrafted pieces of jewelry. Handmade necklace, earrings, rings, hats, purses and home accessories.

Capim Dourado is vegan-friendly, pet-friendly and becoming more and more popular not only in Brazil but also other countries.